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Description: Manchón-Guamuchal is a wetland of international relevance under the Ramsar Convention. In this area you can observe numerous aquatic, marine and migratory bird species, being an important nesting site for Herons and other aquatic birds. With an extension of almost 33,360 acres, you can find such different habitats as mangroves, dry forest, beaches, lagoons and estuaries, all of which contribute to the existence of a broad biodiversity.

Guatemala, Retalhuleu, San Marcos.
Central Coordinates:
92° 4.95' West 14° 27.51' North
IBA criteria: A4i
Area: 20,659 ha
Altitude: 0 - 20 m
Year of IBA assessment: 2007

Summary: Manchon-Guamuchal is an important wetland on the Guatemalan Pacific coast, it supports more than 1% of the world population of American White Pelican.

Site description: Manchon-Guamuchal is the largest mangrove area on the Guatemalan Pacific coast, located near the border to Chiapas, Mexico.

Key biodiversity: Based on a continental population estimate (Wetlands International 2006) and local estimates (Eisermann 2006), it is assumed that Manchon-Guamuchal supports more than 1% of the population of American White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos). Although not of global importance, the site supports large numbers of resident and migrating waterbirds (Sigüenza 1995, 2007).

Protection status: Currently about 6% of the IBA is legally protected as private protected area (CONAP 2007). The site has been designated an important wetland under the Ramsar convention in 1995.

Populations of IBA Trigger Species
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